Welcome to the official web site of the Association of Rootes Car Clubs (ARCC), an association of 11 UK-based clubs catering for owners and enthusiasts of vehicles built by the Rootes Group, its predecessors and immediate successors.

ARCC is a member of the Federation of British Historic Vehicles Clubs (FBHVC) and is listed in the UK Motor Sport Index.

The ARCC was instrumental in the formation of the Rootes Archive Centre Trust, a registered charity devoted principally to the preservation and use of a large collection of drawings from the engineering department of the Rootes Group. To find out more about the Trust, visit its web site at www.rootesarchivecentre.org.

Rootes Marques: Hillman – Humber – Sunbeam – Sunbeam Talbot – Singer – Commer – Karrier – Chrysler – Talbot

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