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There is a whole network of clubs dedicated to keeping Rootes marques where they should be. On the road. Please use the links on the left to view details of ARCC member clubs within the United Kingdom, together with brief information of overseas clubs affiliated to this associations. If your club or organisation would like to become a full member or an affiliate, please use our contact form to get in touch:

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The Humber Car Club of Western Australia

Humber Car Club of Western Australia
PO Box 220
WA 6991




The Sunbeam Owners Club of New South Wales

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The Sunbeam Owners Club of NSW was formed to help keep Sunbeams on the road by providing a support network of enthusiasts. The NSW club is part of a national group of Sunbeam Car Clubs




The Sunbeam Owners Club of Queensland

The Sunbeam Owners’ Club of Queensland (SOCQ) was formed in June 1982. The club resulted from a chance meeting between Neil Scope and Nick Newbury who decided to find out just how many Sunbeams were still out there. From an initial membership of 26, numbers have hovered around the 50 mark throughout the nineties and the new millenium.

We produce a monthly newsletter, Sunstate Newsbeams, and hold monthly events. Our events are of a social nature including picnics, navigation runs, gymkhanas and our annual show and shine. We also support various classic car events organized by other clubs and are annual participants in the National Sunbeam Meeting.

The National Sunbeam Meeting is held each year on the weekend of the east coast Queens’ Birthday holiday (June). The SOCQ, Sunbeam Owners’ Club NSW, Sunbeam Car Club of Victoria and Sunbeam Car Owners’ Club of South Australia take turns at organizing this event. International visitors are most welcome. Cars currently on our register represent most post-war types, from the Sunbeam-Talbot 10 and 2 litre through to the Talbot Sunbeam Lotus. Pre-war Sunbeams are most welcome too.




The Sunbeam Owners Club of South Australia

Meetings – Club meetings are held at 7.30pm on the first Monday of the month at: Shannons Clubrooms; 863-865 South Road, Clarence Gardens SA
Membership – The membership fee is $45pa. Membership includes a club newsletter, published 10 times a year.
Club Outings – As well as monthly meetings, the club typically programs an event or outing once a month.

The Sunbeam Car Owners’ Club of SA Inc.
c/o 8 Glengarry Avenue
SA 5052

Phone: 08 8370 2423





The Rootes Club of Belgium

Our club was founded by a small number of enthusiasts, who decided in 1980 that a club was needed for these magnificent cars. However, because of the small number of Hillman, Humber , Singer and Sunbeam(Talbot) cars still on the road at that time, the idea was born to create a ROOTES club ,which would try to preserve these makes for the next generations.

Years later, in 1988, we decided to form an legal association –vzw/asbl ; this because of the international meeting at Brussels celebrating the 25th anniversary of the SUNBEAM VENEZIA by Touring of Milan (built accordingly to the Superlegerra principle). We had to cross the whole city and his suburbs escorted by the police, so a legal association was found the best method to protect our members against unforeseen circumstances. The same year we took part in the formation of the Belgian Federation of Ancient Vehicles as a Founding Member!

Meanwhile our club has always, and this for years now, more or less a hundred members; most of them are the proud owners of a Sunbeam Alpine or a Hillman Minx, without forgetting the exclusive Singers and Humbers! We are having members all over the country , as well in the North as in the South. When we organize rallies we try to do so in both parts alternatively.





The Rootes Club of Denmark

A vintage car club for Rootes vehicles. Hillman, Sunbeam, Humber, Singer, Commer and Karrier.




Sunbeam Club de FranceSunbeam Club de France

The Club of French ROOTES auto enthusiasts Since 1982, the Sunbeam Club de France aims to bring together auto enthusiasts of the range ROOTES. The club offers a biannual newsletter liaison and information, including various articles on organized outings, technical aids, small ads. The Sunbeam Club de France also has a rich technical documentation including, among others, workshop manuals and parts manuals for all models after the war ROOTES range. Our club currently has 60 members with nearly 70 vehicles.  The annual fee is 35.




Classic Sunbeam and Rootes de France

Until 1967, the Rootes Group has produced hundreds of thousands of cars under the brand SUNBEAM, HILLMAN, SINGER, HUMBER , and MERCHANTABILITY .

In France, most models were distributed under the brand Sunbeam, including famous Alpine, Tiger, Rapier and Imp. In sporting terms, the winners of the British group is telling all these cars have won many victories in the biggest rally of the time. Many enthusiasts have decided to create a club to bring together all the cars produced by the Rootes Group in order to inform the greatest number and to restore their reputation in France.

The Sunbeam Classic & Rootes of France offers:

  • To actively promote the image of the Rootes Group cars through a website performance and regular contacts with the press.
  • To identify the cars still exist in France.
  • To assist its members in providing them with a list of suppliers and partners garages and technical documentation.
  • To organize a friendly dialogue and continuous exchange of information between them.
  • To participate regularly in organized sports and tourism events in France and abroad.
  • Of course we intend to hold an annual meeting, bringing together all the cars produced by the Rootes group until the last Sunbeam produced by Peugeot-Talbot, but this project will depend on the success that you will give the Classic Sunbeam & Rootes of France!


Cristian Allard



Catherine Peurey
12 Allee Des Primeveres
77240 Vert Saint Denis





The Rootes Club NederlandThe Rootes Club Nederland

Rootes Club Netherlands is the ony comprehensive car Club that caters for all rootes car owners in Holland. Being over 20 years of age the club currently has over 200 members. Although there is the well-known “hardcore” which show up in nearly every event the percentage wise number of members actively involved is quite high. Events with over 25% of the members attending and more than thirty Rootes cars are not uncommon. This is a club which has hardly any hierarchy; what you do or what you own doesn’t really matter. The regularly organized events are very laid back. The magazine is well laid out and mostly covers 24 full color pages with stories of club members. Many far larger clubs would be envious about this. By this all many loyal members have been over ten years with the Rootes Club. Everybody who has become interested by this is invited to contact the membership secretary. Hope to see you soon at one of our events!

Membership Secretary

Evert Schoenmaker
Rootes Club Nederland
P.O. Box 250
3500 AR Utrecht

Phone: +31 (0)30 637 12 44




Asociacion Espanola Automoviles Grupo Rootes

The Huesca Historical Vehicle Club was founded on March 26, 1990 through the union of several friends who had a common hobby, motorcycles and antique cars. The objectives to achieve were: Recover, preserve and restore all types of vintage vehicles. Mutual help among their members.  The collection of data, technical manuals, books and documents at any time. The concentrations and vehicle exhibitions of themselves and others. The foundation in Huesca of Vintage Vehicles Museum and a School of Restoration of the same.

In the more than 12 years of operation of the Club, have fulfilled almost all our goals, except the Museum and School of Restoration. We have organized more than 60 trials of historic vehicles, bringing together more than 1,400 vehicles in these tests and visited over 30 places of our province.  6 tests have been conducted long distance, highlighting the link Guzzi Seville Huesca-65c.c. in 1992 and Liaison Canfranc Xacobeo-Santiago in ’93. Both tests with an approximate distance of 1,000 kilometers each.

We have implemented a brother and Annual Meeting with Club d’Or Embiellage Bigourdan (Vintage Vehicles Club of Tarbes).  The fans have been encouraged by the conclusion of 8 editions of the Hall Osca-Biella, consecutively for the years 1992 to 1999.  We have visited all the Pyrenean valleys of our county, showing our participants our land, our customs and our cuisine. Huesca has spread throughout most of the Spanish territory in our national trials and half of Europe in our international tests.

In our library has been able to attract 60 workshop manuals and cutting for all types of vintage vehicles as well as 20 thematic books of various brands of motorcycles and antique cars. All are available for consultation by our partners.  Currently Huesca Historical Vehicle Club has 102 members, of which 35 belong to the Spanish Automobile Association Rootes Group.

Spanish Association Rootes Group Automobiles For its part, the Spanish Asociciación Cars Rootes Group was established on June 25, 1994 as a section within the existing club and thanks to fans of Francisco Javier Barrão to cars of this British group, which includes brands Hillman, Humber , Singer and Sunbeam.

Since its inception has undertaken the task of Chairman (Head of Section). Emphasizes the assistance of its members representing Spain-testing outside our borders, Britain, France and Germany have been the main destinations.




Autoclub Grupo Rootes Espana

It was in Horche (Guadalajara), in late 1999, on 5 December, when a group of friends, lovers of old cars, we gather to give birth to a project, an illusion.

Our Association has as its goals the development of Spanish car culture and its relations with other manifestations of culture in its broadest sense, and in particular the contribution in history, social, technical, tourism and sports, among others, has been in Spain the British manufacturer Rootes Group cars, marks “Hillman”, “Humber”, “Singer” and “Sunbeam” and, above all, promote fellowship, unity, solidarity and sportsmanship, virtues that mark the conduct and behavior of “good motorist” and cooperate with other organizations, groups and entities, national or transnational, they consider the car as a genuine cultural value, present in all spheres of society.



United Kingdom


The Imp ClubThe Imp Club

By joining the club you will help to keep imps alive, as the club helps to co-ordinate the supply of spares and services to keep your imp on the road, you will get a great monthly magazine “Impressions”, discounted insurance schemes (this is likely to save you more than the cost of your club membership fee!) and a club members handbook.

The club also organises a big get together each year called the IMP XX, along with a number of smaller shows and events. The club also provides a network of local Area Centres where you can meet with other local imp owners to have a beer and get help.

The club also provides members with other services, such as Regalia, Spares and of course this website! The Club was voted Club of the Year 2003 by Classic and Sportcar Magazine.




Hillman Owners ClubHillman Owners Club

This club caters for all Hillman motor vehicles, including those manufactured before the company was taken over by the Rootes Group. It also covers Commer and Karrier commercial vehicles.





Association of Singer Car OwnersAssociation of Singer Car Owners

This club covers all Singer motor vehicles, including those produced before the company was taken over by the Rootes Group. The club was formed in 1976, and our aim is to stimulate enthusiasm for and interest in the marque, and to provide a service of spares and technical information that enables the vehicles to be appreciated and kept in use. ASCO welcomes all Singer enthusiasts, and you don’t need to own a Singer to join.








Clan Owners ClubClan Owners Club


In June 1978 the Clan Crusader Owners Club was formed and held the first of many Clan gatherings at Donington Park. In 1985 the name was changed to The Clan Owners Club in order to welcome the owners of the two new versions that were being produced. Current membership stands at approximately 200 with members and cars in the UK, Holland, Switzerland, as well as in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Each year the club, with the support of the members, attends various Classic car and Motoring events and holds regional meetings arranged by 6 area organisers.

The club produces a quarterly magazine and provides advice and assistance on vehicle maintenance. It can supply virtually any part needed to maintain, repair or restore an Imp based CLAN. Some parts are available for the Clover model. Many of the club’s stock of spares are unobtainable from other sources and includes a large proportion of the original liquidation stock. A list is available from the spares secretary and is reissued annually.




Post Vintage Humber Car ClubPost Vintage Humber Car Club

The Club was formed in 1974 with the objective of preserving vehicles of the HUMBER marque, by providing support, technical assistance, and the creation of a social environment where members can maximise the pleasures of ownership.

Membership has grown substantially over the years and sub-groups have been formed throughout the World, that organise local meetings and events.

The Club manufactures a range of spares and advertises companies specialising in replacement parts for Post Vintage Humbers. We publish a free bi-monthly magazine called ‘Old Faithful’ that brings to all members the varied aspects of owning and maintaining a Humber.




Scottish Rootes Enthusiasts

Started in 1998, by the Scottish Rootes Enthusiasts, the Moffat car rally has grown to become the biggest classic car event in Scotland. Set in the beautifull Moffat hills the rally is an incredible place to both exhibit your cherrished classic or vintage motor car and is a wonderful visitor experience

The rally accommodates 900 entries some of which come hundreds of miles to participate. This 2 day event has a drive through the Moffat hills on the Saturday which is a glorious sight and Sunday is the show where prizes are given for the best cars.

The Rally continues to raise money for the Macmillan Cancer Releif and Cancer Research. Many of our families, friends and fellow classic car enthusiasts are touched in one way or another by cancer and this helps our major fundraising efforts for this great event.





Singer Owners ClubSinger Owners Club

The club has been in existence over fifty years and is dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of all Singer vehicles spanning over 100 years of production, be they bicycles, motorcycles, cars or commercials. The club offers to members a comprehensive range of services including a large range of spare parts provided by the Spares Registrars for all the popular models, access to specialist restorers, a library of archive photographs and workshop and parts manuals, regular local meetings and an annual rally which attracts Singer Owners from all around the globe.





Sunbeam Alpine Owners ClubSunbeam Alpine Owners Club

The committee are keen to promote a friendly atmosphere and although each and every member believes that the Sunbeam Alpine is a special sports car, we also wish to ensure that, through this club, all members can find fulfilment from meeting enthusiasts with similar interests and experiences that they have gained from owning our kind of car.

The Club was formed in 1977 and includes many members from all parts of the world. The club has, over the years, built up a considerable list of committee posts, which are held by elected volunteers from the membership. The club is divided into areas and each area has its own Area Representative and hopefully monthly meetings, usually in a local hostelry for a drink and an exchange of experiences. An Annual National Meeting is also held and each area takes it in turn to organise the event, usually on a weekend in July/ August, with members starting to arrive on Friday afternoon/evening and departing sometime on Sunday afternoon/evening or Monday morning. A good chance to meet other Alpiners from different parts of the UK and welcome our foreign visitors.

Our magazine is called the Alpine Horn with guide publishing dates of February, April, June, August, October and December. In addition, a handbook is published and is supplied to new members.





Sunbeam Lotus Owners ClubSunbeam Lotus Owners Club

We are the only independent organisation catering solely for the Sunbeam Lotus, and the cars therefore receive our undivided efforts and loyalty. As a part of membership we are able to provide written valuations on cars for agreed value insurance schemes, plus an extensive calendar of social events, including local area meetings, attendance at the major classic car shows as well as track and sprint test days.

Technical advice and assistance, and help with finding spare parts, is also available at the end of a phone, through email, or by post, and in addition, we do from time to time source, or have re-manufactured, some spare parts or associated items of interest, and these are advertised for sale exclusively to members (normally at cost price plus postage). These currently include radiator hoses, stripes, sales brochures, homologation papers, Talbot rally videos and scale model kits.

The Sunbeam Lotus Owners’ Club is recognised by the Motor Sports Association (“the MSA”); we are also members of the Association of Rootes Car Clubs and the Association of West Midlands Car Clubs. This ensures that SLOC members are invited to, and can participate in, all events organised or attended by these long-standing and active organisations. Members can also benefit from reduced membership rates for the AA breakdown service.

Our club magazine, OppoSite LOC, is published quarterly, and is posted free to all members. The club is organised and managed by a group of enthusiastic volunteers who, whilst running things entirely in their spare time, nevertheless try to provide a service equal to the highest professional standards.





Sunbeam Rapier Owners ClubSunbeam Rapier Owners Club

The SROC, formed in 1979, caters for all Sunbeam Rapiers from the Rootes Group Series cars (1955-67) to the Chrysler Fastback range including the H120 and Alpine (1967-76).

We currently average around 450 members from the UK, Europe and throughout the World and would be delighted to see that number rise. If we can help you in any way with your queries please contact us through our webmaster or any committee member.






Sunbeam Talbot Alpine Register                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

This club was established in 1969 to encourage the use, restoration and preservation of the Talbot, Sunbeam Talbot and Sunbeam cars manufactured by the Rootes Group between 1936 and 1957.




Sunbeam Tiger Owners ClubSunbeam Tiger Owners Club

Were you involved with the Sunbeam Tiger? STOC would like to hear from ex-Rootes and Jensen engineers, employees and distributors or anyone who was involved with the development, production, distribution and competition activitities of the Tiger during the years 1963 – 1967.



United States of America


Colorado Association of Tiger Owners (CATO)

The Colorado Association of Tiger Owners (CATO) is a group of auto enthusiasts who own, restore and share resources about Sunbeam automobiles, mostly Tigers and Alpines.





The Pacific Tiger Club ,USA

Dick Saunders
4239 S. 261st Street
United States

Phone: +1 (253) 859-7987





Brotherhood of the Three Spires

U.S.A. only. Membership cost is 4 U.S. postage stamps a year. You get the Quarterly Newsletter Melodies: Jan Eyerman publisher. It has car ads and a detailed article on a select Hillman car. To join, send stamps and address to:

Brotherhood of the Three Spires
4 Townley Ct.
Flanders, NJ 07836

Interested in Hillmans? No matter if you own one or not, if interested in Hillmans, you should join the Hillman Listserve. You’ll get messages automatically via email from Hillman owners Worldwide and benefit from their stories and expertise. They will even help you with those hard to find parts, or solving your difficult problems – or you can just read the messages. It’s up to you – no obligation.