Whether you are looking for technical information, specialist services for classic cars, a particular part or maybe just a great day out, these links might be useful.


Rootes Achive Centre Trust

The Rootes Archive Centre was formed to hold, preserve, catalogue and make available the archive of the Rootes Group Engineering Department and other archives or material of historical significance, pertaining to the Rootes Group and associated or succcessor companies.


ClassicLine Insurance Services

ClassicLine Insurance Services

The Association, in conjunction with Classicline insurance offers a Specialist Insurance Scheme to the members of it’s constituent Clubs so that they can obtain insurance for their Vehicles, Travel, Buildings and Contents at discounted rates.


Andy Murkin’s Hillman Page

visit website

Various files of use or pleasure to Hillman Owners, including:

  • A Survey of the Rootes Group (c. 1960)
  • My History of the Series Minx & Husky
  • Buying a Series Minx and other stuff, including where to get SPARES


A1 Vintage & Classic Restorations

Ken Sparks site is dedicated to the restoration of Sunbeam Talbot and Rootes Group Marques.


Classic Car Paint Supplies Ltd

Classic Car Paint Supplies can match any colour back to the 1930’s, in Cellulose, Two Pack & Synthetic Hand Brushin Paint. They can supply in half litre up to Five Litre on in 400ml aerosol.


Brian James Trailers

Manufacturers of Trailers since 1979. Visit their Showroom at Sopwith Way, Drayton Fields Business Park Daventry or contact them on 01327 308833


Frank Schoenberger

Frank has re-manufactured window and headlight seals for Rapiers Minx and Imps. Check out his website.


Tony Taylor

Tony’s Grandfarther owned the1929 Hillman straight 8 & 14 cars, shown on this website, from new.


Rootes Group Club Directory

Worldwide Rootes Clubs listing from Australia.


Rootes Clubs

Canadia Website listing Rootes Car Clubs around the world.



Rick Anderton is the Official Franchisee local to the Rootes Archive Centre and has his warehouse on the Cherwell Business Village. He has offered to supply AotoGlym products to ARCC club Members at Discounted Prices. Contact :- for more details.